Stephen Elder



My books range from a trilogy about Saint Francis in the modern world (Frank, The Shining Man's Wife, and Daughters of the World) to The Edenite Case, a science fiction novel narrated by  an alien. In between are two detective novels (The Unlikely Assassin and Heart Problems), three collection of short stories, novelettes, and some poetry  (Ye Gods!,Ye Gods 2!, and Angels, Love, and Crows), a thriller (Furies Unleashed), and a solution to the Trump problem (Enginewitch).

In between came Little Book of Essays, a collection of essays, humor, and commentary that appeared on my blog (2010-2015). I stopped writing the blog just before the advent of Trump. It is unsporting to go after targets that easy.

The books are all different, which is poor branding. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them.